Nikon’s Z9 Firmware 3.0 Update

Nikon’s Z9 Firmware 3.0 Update Available with Nearly 20 New Features

The second major update system’s free 3.0 firmware available for download, which adds improvements to video and photo capture, autofocus, operability, general usability, and much more, is the second significant update provided for the device this year. The most recent major update was likewise so large that it almost qualified as a brand-new camera.

According to Jay Vannatter, Executive Vice President of Nikon Inc., “Firmware 3.0 not only highlights Nikon’s dedication to meeting our customers’ needs, but also our continuous support to update products to their maximum potential for the benefit of our users.”

However, Firmware 3.0 adds more to the system than only the points mentioned above. This update also adds vertical image playback, timecode synchronization, UltraSync Blue, which adds timecode across multiple Z9 cameras controlled by a single wireless remote control, and ATOMOS’ UltraSyncBlue support over Bluetooth. High-frequency flicker reduction, which was previously available for photos in version 2.1, is now available for video.

The upgraded display and operability (including custom buttons/controls), the new High-Res Zoom function that provides additional optical zoom for 4K video, and the new C60 High-Speed Frame Capture that enables 60 frames per second still shooting in DX-format are some of the more notable features. The autofocus system improvements add 0.5 EV with improved accuracy in low-light and low-contrast conditions.

Research Editorial: Nikon’s Z9 Firmware 3.0 Update

In addition, the new update brings an automatic continuous playback feature that allows you to view images from the same series of burst shots after the first image is displayed on playback, more buttons can be customized, and the camera display can be Improved, improved focus display and file information. , and improvements Flash Workflow View Mode (Photo Lv) that allows users to choose whether or not to reflect the effect of exposure settings when a flash or remote trigger is attached. This feature allows you to check the background exposure before shooting to see the resulting background exposure.

The 3.0 firmware for the Nikon Z9 system also adds full format functionality for supported CFExpress cards, the ability to reset focus distance during focus-shift shooting, support for FTPS protocol for faster and safer encrypted file transfers, and the ability to “override other cameras” to enable simple switching between master cameras.

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