Good News for Technologists! TCS Makes a Big Announcement, ToHire Over 1.25 Lakh People Soon

Good News for Technologists! TCS Makes a Big Announcement, To Hire Over 1.25 Lakh People Soon

2023 began with a bang for techies, TCS Makes a Big Announcement, To Hire Over 1.25 Lakh People Soon, as Amazon and enterprise software company Salesforce announced layoffs of more than 25,000 employees.

While Amazon announced on Wednesday that it will lay off over 18,000 employees, Salesforce laid off 10% of its employees beginning January 18 due to hiring too many people during the pandemic. In the midst of all of this, the country’s largest software exporter, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), announced that it will hire over 1.25 lakh people in FY24.

“Looking at our overall hiring trends, we are likely to continue (hiring) at the same level. Next year, we expect to hire between 1,25,000 and 1,50,000 people. We continue to have faith in our medium- to long-term outlook “Rajesh Gopinathan, the company’s CEO and Managing Director, told reporters.

Furthermore, he added, “Our posture is positive; we are not removing players from the field; we are fully engaged and present. We are fully committed in terms of talent capacity. We overinvested last year and are reaping the benefits this quarter.”

For the uninitiated, the software company reported a 2,197-person decrease in its employee base from October to December, totaling 6.13 lakh. The Tata group company, on the other hand, made it clear that this was due to increased hiring over the last 18 months, rather than the demand environment.


Despite reporting a net decrease of 2,197 people in the December quarter, the company has already hired over 55,000 people in FY23. In FY22, it added 1.03 lakh people to its total workforce.
Milind Lakkad, the company’s chief human resources officer, attributed the decline in the December quarter to attrition being higher than new hires.


    The HR chief also stated that the company will continue to hire approximately 40,000 new employees in FY24, and that over 5 lakh young people have applied to be hired.
    Furthermore, he stated that TCS has hired 42,000 freshers in FY23 thus far, implying that the company hired only about 7,000 employees in the third quarter, compared to 35,000 in the first half. It could hire a few thousand more people in the fourth quarter, or it could remain quiet.

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